About the College

Patrician College of Arts and Science, established in 2001, is a Christian minority co-educational self-financing institution affiliated to the University of Madras. It was instituted by the Brothers of St. Patrick, a congregation established by Bishop Daniel Delany on 2nd February 1808, in Ireland. The members of the congregation carry inspiration from the life and spirit of their Patron Saint - St. Patrick. With a noble spirit to serve humanity, the Patrician Brothers stepped into the vocation of educating the youth to free them from the bonds of ignorance. With their exceptional skill in leadership, governance and the strong hand of the Almighty, the congregation has established schools & colleges throughout the world.

In consonance with the philosophy of Brothers’ congregation, the college aims at providing quality education to the youth of today with utmost sincerity. To facilitate this, the management has been keen in building the faculty with qualified teachers, pooling in resources from different platforms, and installing state-of- the art infrastructural facilities. Moreover, they back up students with a number of support services on and off campus. Along with curricular and co-curricular activities, they constantly insist that a sense of social conscience has to be instilled in the minds of students. In view of this, several outreach programmes are conducted wherein students enthusiastically participate and do a better service.

College Emblem

St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, used shamrock to illustrate and explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to his followers in the 5 th century AD. Taking cue from this metaphorical use of shamrock, Patrician College uses it to represent the threefold college motto, 'To Seek, To Strive, To Find'.


Patrician College will emerge as the centre for excellence in Higher Education and build human resources with values to make a significant contribution to society.


To provide a holistic education for intellectual and physical development, social and cultural sensitivity and economic opportunities that will empower every student to live in harmony.

'A' Grade Accreditation

Patrician College of Arts and Science has been accredited ‘A’ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council on the recommendation of the Peer team that visited the college in 2015.

Certificate of Accreditation
NACC Certificate
Annual Report

A committee has been formed to document all the events organized on campus throughout the year. They meticulously compile and edit the reports which are used to reflect on past events, learn from certain mistakes and forge ahead with a positive spirit.

Patrician Institutions
SNO Institution Name Web Site Address
1 1875 - St. Patrick's Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, Madras:
2 1888 - St. Joseph's College, Coonoor
3 1893 - St. George's College, Mussoorie
4 1934 - St. Joseph's Academy, Dehra Dun
5 1952 - St. Mary's Academy, Meerut
6 1953 - St. Michael's Academy, Chennai
7 1961 - Mount St. Mary's School, New Delhi
8 1969 - Nirmala Hindi Medium High School, Mussoorie ---
9 973 - St.James School, Binnaguri
10 1980 - St. Patrick's Hindi Medium High School, Binnaguri
11 1987 - St.Patrick's Tamil Medium High School, Trichy
12 St.Patrick's Higher Secondary School, Mananthavady: 1994
13 2001 - Patrician College of Arts & Science, Chennai
14 2002 - St. Patrick's Industrial School, Trichy ---
15 2003 - St. Patrick's Academy, Dindigul
16 2004 - Mount St. Patrick Academy, Pune
17 2004 - St. Patrick School (I C S E), Chennai
18 St. Patrick School Manendragarh Chhattisgarh
19 Danial Delany Hr. School Hindi Medium, Manendragarh Chhattisgarh
20 2008 - Patrician College of Education, Dehra Dun
21 2009 - St. Patrick School Bangalore ---